Enjoy Watching the Rich and Diverse Flora and Fauna of Komodo above the Water

A trip to the Komodo Island will never be complete if you fail to visit the famed World Heritage Site – West Komodo National Park which boasts of being the home to the most diverse flora and fauna of Indonesia. You cannot just miss to spot the indigenous species of the Komodo Island, the Komodo monitor which is better known as the Komodo dragon. Guests of Kalimaya have the chance to see the Komodo Dragon, or it’s local name ‘Ora’, in the wild as we do not go to the generic ranger station with hundreds of tourists.

The rich terrestrial flora and fauna of the Komodo National Park will never fail to give the pleasure of adventure.

Enjoy the serenity of the place

After the thrill of watching the Komodo Monitors in action, you can enjoy a solitary time of watching the valleys covered with indigenous fauna and the large azure bay. The activeness of the fauna and the serenity of the flora will make you wonder that if it is the same place where you had watched the hunter and the hunted and enjoyed bliss viewing the flora of the region. You will be able to watch the macaque monkeys, the wild boars, water buffalos and deer in their natural habitat. The rich and diverse flora and fauna of the island creates a world of its own.

The apt flora to support the fauna in the habitat

The Komodo Island harbors flora of several endemic species. The main marine vegetation you will find in the island is mangroves, reef-building algae and sea grasses. The vegetation f the park is otherwise characterized b savannah vegetation. This vegetation makes the ideal habitat for the Komodo Dragons to unfold their daily activities. This habitat makes it the ideal dwelling place for other species of fauna like the Timor Deer, water buffalo, wild boar, civet and crab-eating macaques. You surely cannot miss spotting the birds and reptiles of Australian origin like the Sulpher Crested Cuckatoo, the Helmeted Friarbird and the Orange-footed Scrubfowl.

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