Sangean Volcano

* Dive Area Muck & Macro

Have you ever dived a volcano? Here’s your chance! The active Sangean Volcano is one of the worlds most diverse sites, possessing a world-famous black sand volcanic reef. During your volcano diving experience at Sangean, you will notice it has a constantly bubbling bottom. This attracts a huge variety of biomass. From weird and wild critters that inhabit the ocean floor to “black coral” which actually comes in a variety of different colours. It’s black backdrop provides the ideal setting for the rainbow of colours provided by the marine life and corals. Simply said, the volcano diving at Sangean makes for the perfect muck dive. It’s an underwater macro photographer’s dream, where one can often see Pygmy Seahorse, Nudibranch, and Frogfish. Get ready to be amazed and to go home bragging to your friends!

  • Distance From Kalimaya22 NM
  • Time To Dive Site45 minutes
  • Certification RequiredOpen Water +
  • Muck DiveYes
  • Current DiveNo


  • Bubble Reef
  • Deep Purple
  • Farmers Wall
  • Lava Flow
  • Lighthouse Reef
  • Melibe Mountain
  • Rock 'N' Nudis
  • Tikno Reef

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