Kalimaya Dive Resort in Indonesia is a PADI 5* Dive Resort offering the newest and most exciting Indonesia diving opportunity. We are the only dive resort in Indonesia which is truly remote – with no other dive centers and no other boats on our dive sites.

Almost every little place on earth seems to be established, discovered and explored – this speaks for above and below the water level… We have been fortunate enough to find one of those last untouched places, in the heart of Indonesia. Kalimaya is located right on the doorstep to one of the most exciting new dive destinations on our planet – East Sumbawa, West of Komodo.


“My husband and I chose Sumbawa this year for our annual Indonesia dive resort trip, and couldn’t be happier with our decision to stay at Kalimaya. Between the unbelievable diving, incredible food (seriously, the chef should teach cooking classes and bottle that sambal!), and family-like atmosphere, my husband and I regretted not staying longer. Diving in Bali after seemed like such a letdown. Additionally, Justin’s beautiful photography from the Sangeang Volcano will allow us to share our memories with our family. Thank you to Stu, Teegen, and the rest of the team for a truly unique and wonderful experience.”

Shereen P – Trip Advisor


Kalimaya Dive Resort delivers bespoke diving experiences ensconced in the warm embrace of a retreat.

Whether our guests are into macro photography, heart-pounding pelagic encounters, languid snorkels around the house reef or simply sunset meditations poolside, we cater to a spectrum of interests; whatever helps guests attain their “happy place.”

We pride ourselves on mastering the balance between a lust for exploration and a longing for tranquillity.

Kalimaya Dive Resort serves as a beacon to intrepid souls who yearn to explore unchartered waters.

Discover the wilderness beyond our doors without sacrificing the refinements of a life well lived.

— Kalimaya Owners

Diving Resort in Indonesia

Kalimaya Dive Resort is the first dedicated dive resort in East Sumbawa Island and the only diving resort in Indonesia offering day trip diving to West Komodo Island, Gili Banta, and Sangeang Volcano. These factors together make up Kalimaya Dive Resort as one of the top, most sought after Indonesia diving holiday choices.

Spend your days underwater enjoying beautiful diving and your evenings with new friends in the restaurant and lounge… or find your own piece of paradise while walking the 400-meter sandy beach of our private bay.


Dive Sites

Kalimaya Dive Resort will give you the ultimate diving experience. Take advantage of 3 world-renowned areas otherwise inaccessible to day diving

West Komodo
Current & Pelagics

Known for its currents, drifts and pelagics – West Komodo offers unspoilt diving in the land of Dragons

Gili Banta
High Voltage & Manta's

Enjoy current diving at Gili Banta – rarely populated by other divers, enjoy high voltage current & pristine sites

Sangean Volcano
Black Sand & Bubbles

Out of this world muck & macro dive sites are on offer at Sangean Api Volcano, along with a bubbling reef

Sumbawa Coast
House Reef & Surrounds

Our house reef is exceptionally diverse – critters galore, a Japanese wreck & a secret nearby Manta Cleaning station

The sea is everything. It is an immense desert,
the sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and
wonderful existence. It is nothing but love and emotion;
it is the Living Infinite.

— Captain Nemo, Jules Verne

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