Sumbawa Coast

Kalimaya Dive Resort is situated on the east coast of Sumbawa near the port town of Sape. Kalimaya is the first of it’s kind and is situated near many shrimp farms that use lots of nutrients which are replaced constantly into the ocean. As such, our gorgeous house reef is fortunate to be populated by numerous critters and schooling fish.

Our house reef is the perfect place to spot a variety of paddleflap rhinopea (yep, we have 3), bumblebee shrimp, octopus, nudibranch, eels, stingrays, and frogfish. A little further by boat takes us to walls, overhands, black and white sandy plateaux’s, all host to a variety of marine life. Further south, Pulau Kelapa is not only gorgeous underwater, but on land too – boasting a pink sand beach.

  • Distance From Kalimaya0 - 7KM
  • Time To Dive Site0 - 15 minutes
  • Certification RequiredOpen Water +
  • Muck DiveYes
  • Current DiveNo


  • Bugis Drop
  • Dinosaur's Teeth
  • Easter Island
  • J's Dream
  • Kalimaya Canyon
  • Kelapa Muda
  • Lapponia
  • Leon's Lair
  • Pink Bay
  • Pipefish City
  • Rogers Reef

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